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Blogging Tips for Photographers

Blogging Tips for Photographers


Hey Friends!

I’m Anna, a wife, mom, photographer and weirdly, a blogging fanatic! I know, why, why, why, would I love blogging? I hear it all the time from my fellow creative friends. Blogging is a pain point for many of them, but it doesn’t have to be! I’m sharing some of my favorite blogging tips with you AND you can even sign up to get my blogging workflow right to your inbox!


Ready for some quick tips to make blogging more fun?


1- Keep a note on your phone or real life planner of ideas, quotes, inspiration. Some of the best ideas come when you are not trying. Having a list of ideas on hand can be super helpful. You can take notes at weddings or right after, as soon as you hop in your car after a portrait session, or if you find yourself answering the same questions in e-mail. Sometimes our clients tell us what blogs we need to write (if you’re getting the same question, wouldn’t it be nice to send them to a blog)? Easy!


2. It doesn’t have to be all business. Your blog is a great place to write about what’s going on in your life. You can always tie in elements of your business with these posts, but as someone who has been blogging with dedication-I can tell you-people want to read about you! Your keywords for these posts may look different, but they’re a great way to connect with your audience!


3. Don’t overthink it. As a photographer, most people who arrive at your blog are looking to see photos! If you love writing that’s a bonus, but nobody is expecting Shakespeare! Tell the story, you don’t have to be fancy! One way that you can overcome writers block is by writing about individual photos! Instead of telling one big story at the beginning, tell mini stories about why particular photos were meaningful.


4. Do it in bulk. Once you start writing, chances are, you’ll be able to keep the flow going. Set aside a day or time to work on your blog content and then schedule it out to fit your calendar.


5. One of my favorite blogging tips for photographers is to NOT be afraid to ask for someone to look over your work! We only get better if we seek constructive criticism. If you love someones blog, reach out and ask if they have any specific critiques for you. Ask a trusted friend to give you honest feedback.


Don’t let the fear of not writing a perfect blog, stop you from blogging! 


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Anna Wright is a portrait and wedding photographer with a passion for creating community and connection! Encouraging new photographers to chase their business dreams is something I’m always here for! Let’s connect soon, friend! I hope you have found this helpful and as always, reach out if you have questions!


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Want to know more about how I got started? Be sure to check out this episode of the Bokeh Podcast! I chat with host, Nathan, about starting a business, branding, and booking!

xo! Anna





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